Highest standards in care

Standard services

Our standard services offer constant monitoring of the users’ health status, and doctor rounds three times per week. Our emphasis is on preserving and bettering the health, body and mind. Special attention is dedicated to an overall healthy lifestyle, therapy, nutrition, activity and individual needs. We make sure that the users who stay here lead an active life, have a well thought-out schedule and therapy, move at their own pace and according to their ability, have a person to chat with and truly enjoy their golden age. We are constantly striving to provide the best experience for those who are staying with us, to make sure their stay is pleasant, and better quality of life. We proviide more than just care – we offer kind word and understanding. Hygiene is on our list of top priorities and we keep the place spotlessly clean.

We entice users to partake in diverse activities suitable for their age and physical levels, as well as which are in accordance with the doctor’s orders. Together with the social worker, we host various social activities like creative workshops, fieldtrips, painting, book reading nights, movie nights, artistic and music performances and many, many more suitable and relaxing activities.