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Nursery home Radulovic is located in Medak, Belgrade, in the vicinity of public transportation lines 18 and 29. It’s a peaceful suburb, well connected to the city center, yet tucked-away from the noise. Luxurious villa is refurbished and fulfills highest standards. It has large, landscaped backyard and beautiful terraces that offer stunning panoramic view of the entire Belgrade. The nursery home is in close vicinity of the highway and all major healthcare centers like Clinical Center, Zvezdara hospital and Military Medical Academy.

As far as equipment is concerned, the nursery home has everything one might need for a comfortable and pleasant stay of the mobile and mobility-impaired. The round-the-clock care is performed by medical experts’ nimble hands. The team is comprised of the doctor, nurses, physiotherapists and a social worker.

Villa equips state of the art video surveillance, and has handlebars placed at convenient 90 degrees throughout the home. All bathrooms are specialized and there is even a Jacuzzi. The nursing home is well equipped to cater to mobility-impaired and handicapped, has all the disability accesses and wheelchair ramps. There are bathrooms on every floor, commode chairs, and there is also a scalamobil that ensures scaling the stairs in a wheelchair with ease.

Nutrition is absolutely fitted to all medical restrictions, and food is prepared in a secluded, professional kitchen. The dining room has a kitchenette which is available for preparing light snacks, and beverages. It contains all utensils and a dishwasher.  The common room has a stylish fireplace, cozy armchairs and seats, large Full HD LED TV and a home theatre. Adjoining these living and dining rooms is a beautiful terrace lit with ambient lights.

Single-bed, double-bed, triple-bed and quadruple-bed rooms are spacious and refurbished. Each room has its own LED TV , comfy beds, shelves, wardrobes and night stands. Each TV has cable with more than 100 channels , as well as signal amplifiers.

Nursery home has its own GP’s office, equipped with brand new EKG machine, pulse oximeter, inhalers, oxigen bottles, blood pressure meter  and glucose meter.

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Medical experts and specialists, clinics and laboratories cooperate to the full extent with nursing home Radulovic, in order to cover all segments of medical care.