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Medical Services

The nursing home has its own GP’s office and expert personnel monitors the users’ health status 24/7 and administers scheduled therapy. Doctor performs the rounds three times a week and actively participates in betterment of general care and health status.

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All additional, more complex out-of-home exams can be performed at our associates’ recommended facilities for a discount fee.

Special prices for nursery home users

We take care of everything

Standard Services

Nursery home Radulovic offers much more than regular medical care. We make sure that the users who stay here lead an active life, have a well thought-out schedule and therapy, move at their own pace and according to their ability, have a person to chat with and truly enjoy their golden age. We care about their hygiene and keep the place spotlessly clean.

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Our professional chefs prepare rich, tasty meals and diversified food regimes adjusted per users’ medical status and age.

Nutrition adapted according to life age

Pleasant stay and rich and interesting program

Social Activities

We care about you or your loved ones, and we want them to feel fulfilled and spend their time enjoying in fun activities. We organize diversified musical programs, painting workshops, fieldtrips, performances, flower planting, creative classes, workshops led by a social worker… We also have various board games available. We celebrate religious holidays and birthdays.

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We do our best to host social activities that are diverse, relaxing and fulfilling, and that the stay at our nursery home always remains a pleasant experience.

Fun times for a great mood

The stay at our home is always pleasant, and the level of care is supreme. You or your loved ones deserve the best there is!

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